Season 2021 … the best laid plans …

Following the challenges 2020 threw at performing organisations such as ours and the uncertainty over arrangements for next year we are planning next year in a slightly more fluid way. Some of the performances we have in preparation are collaborations including a baroque opera and our rescheduled concert with Nota Bene. Later in the year we’re planning an exciting take on The Judgement of Paris with Baroque Voices… And of course Closetteers can often be seen out and about performing in smaller ensembles, and playing with other groups.

We will keep this page updated with details as they are finalised over the coming months so please keep checking, or sign up to our mailing list

…but in the meantime: The Glory of Habsburg
We start again this year with a performance in NZ Fringe 2021 on March 14th. This time the focus is on the glorious 17th century music which came from composers from the Hapsburg Empire, such as Biber, Schmelzer, Vejvanovsky, Rittler and Tolar. Colourful, varied and of course entertaining, this music often features choirs of wind and strings and we will again feature a full trumpet and sackbut section to complement our strings! This promises to be an evening of glorious musicking.

Tickets are available from the NZ Fringe website on The Glory of Habsburg.

Purcell project

Here at The Queen’s Closet, we don’t just perform music; we also have a busy programme of projects in development.

We are continuing with the development of a new work in collaboration with Dave Armstrong supported by significant grants from Creative New Zealand. This project will reimagine the semi-opera of 300 years ago, a form that only existed in Restoration London, with a new piece of musical theatre. The work will feature the music of Henry Purcell, tied together with a contemporary New Zealand narrative written by Dave, for performance as one of our future programmes. We’re always looking at how we present Restoration music in ways that resonate with modern audiences, while using performance practice based on the most up to date research and understanding of how 17th century baroque music was conceived and performed.