The Glory of Habsburg

Our next performance is on the 14th March at 7pm in Prefab Hall, Wellington.

The 17th century Habsburg empire was home to some of the most talented and visionary trumpeters of the time, whose innovative compositions shattered the perceived wisdom about the limits of natural trumpet playing.

In this concert, our string section has coaxed our trumpets off the battlefield and sackbuts from the church, to present a lush and vibrant programme of rarely heard music by more and less familiar composers including Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Pavel Josef Vejvanovský, Philipp Jakob Rittler and Jan Křtitel Tolar. Also featured are our woodwind, percussion and continuo sections.

For more details and to book tickets follow this link to our concert page on the NZ Fringe 2021 website here.