Musicking with several friends, presented by The Queen’s Closet – Saturday 4 March 2pm & 5pm, Sunday 5 March 11am & 2pm

Attending a performance of The Queen’s Closet period instrument ensemble in the Hannah Warehouse

The performances will be held in Unit 19 in the Hannah Warehouse building.  The address of the Hannah Warehouse is 13 Leeds Street.  Access is via the Hannah Courtyard, which is the open area between Eva Street and Leeds Street.  The Hannah Warehouse building is the relatively small building with Pizza Pomodoro on the ground floor.  There are two glass doors to the main entrance, with ‘Hannah Warehouse’ in large frosted letters on the doors.

There will be someone waiting either just inside or just outside the main doors to greet audience members.  They will need to let you inside the building, and another person will escort you upstairs to Level 1 to Unit 19.  You may be asked to walk up the stairs or to take the lift. 

The Queen’s Closet is a group of musicians that perform baroque music.

The performers include an orchestra, who play on instruments copied from 17th century instruments, as well as singers.  The venue is very small and the format will be informal chamber music performances.

Each of the four performances will be different.  You can buy tickets to as many or as few individual concerts as you would like.  All four concerts consist of chamber music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

These performances are part of NZ Fringe 2022.

You can buy tickets in advance at:

If you have bought a ticket in advance, you will show your ticket at the door.

If you have not bought a ticket in advance, you can buy one at the door with cash or by making an internet banking payment.

There will not be Eftpos or credit card payments available.

Ticket sales at the door may be limited in number due to the small size of the venue.

There is no assigned seating.

Chairs and couches will be set up inside the ballroom.

You can choose any empty seat where you would like to sit and you can arrange your seat however you are comfortable.

At any time during the performance you can get up and leave your seat.

You can talk quietly during the performance.

Some food will be provided, and you can bring food with you, as well as something to drink if you would like.

You can eat and drink while you are watching the performance.

You can come up and talk to the musicians before or after the performance or during the interval.

We are very happy to talk to audience members and show you our instruments.

If you would like some quiet time during the performance you can go into the bathroom.

The bathroom is located on the opposite side of the kitchen from the door where you entered the room.

You can ask any of the musicians where the bathroom is.

If someone needs to use the bathroom, they may ask you to leave the room for a short time.

Each performance will last for approximately 1 hour.