The Judgment of Paris, 20 February 2022, Foxglove Ballroom, Wellington

A new edition of The Judgment of Paris by The Queen’s Closet, selected from the three surviving scores by JOHN ECCLES, DANIEL PURCELL and JOHN WELDON and additional theatre music by GODFREY FINGER

Nominated for 2022 NZ Fringe Award: Outstanding Ensemble

"[The Queen's Closet] brought to life a world of musical and dramatic expression we don’t often get to experience in such a vivid and well-rounded way – very great honour to all concerned!" - Peter Mechen, Middle C


  • Artistic director – Gordon Lehany
  • Paris (a ‘humble’ shepherd) – Toby Gee
  • Mercury/Hermes (Messenger of Jove) – David Morriss
  • Juno/Saturnia (Goddess of Power) – Barbara Paterson
  • Pallas Athena (Goddess of Victory in War) – Rowena Simpson
  • Venus/Aphrodite (Goddess of Love) – Anna Sedcole
  • Leading – Gregory Squire
  • Trumpets – Gordon Lehany, Peter Reid, Chris Woolley, Peter Maunder
  • Violins – Gregory Squire, CJ Macfarlane, Sarah Marten, Emma Brewerton
  • Violas – Lyndsay Mountfort, Gordon Lehany
  • Cellos – Jane Young, Robert Ibell
  • Hoboys – Sharon Lehany, Rebecca Grimwood
  • Recorders – Gordon Lehany, Sharon Lehany
  • Guitar – Peter Maunder
  • Harpsichord – Kristina Zuelicke
  • Timpani/percussion – Larry Reese

With special thanks to:

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